Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I LOVE LOVE LOVE old newspapers! This is one of the greatest resources available to genealogists. Many brick walls have tumbled with newspaper research.

Here are the most popular online newspaper repositories. Be aware that no one site has everything:

Another resource that gives you individual newspapers that have been digitized and made available online is Wikipedia: List of Online Newspaper Archives This site is really nifty because they include papers from all over the world.

Not all newspapers have been digitized. You can find additional newspapers on microfilm at each state's archives. You can also check with the main branch of the local library as they usually have the papers in their area on microfilm. If the paper still exists, you can contact them directly.

So what all can newspapers tell you? To find out take a look at these four FREE webinars by Thomas Jay Kemp from GenealogyBank. These webinars are over an hour and a half each. That alone will tell you just how much information you can get from newspapers.

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