Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Few Random Thoughts

Sherlock Holmes has now left the blog. I want to thank all of the kind emails I received about the series. I hope you learned a new research technique or two that will help you find out more about your family tree.

I have changed the name of the blog to Ancestoring which is the name of my genealogy business. I decided to do this because even though my focus has been answering the questions of genealogists just starting out (one of my most favorite things to do) I also write articles on research techniques and I give examples from my own research. I don't want people thinking that the blog is limited to answering questions. Having said that, please keep the questions coming and send me any of your ideas you have for possible blog articles. I want to give you the information you need. I have also added a search box so now you can search all of the past articles using the keyword of your choice. I also added a photo of me on the About Me page in case you are curious about what I look like in real life.

Almost all of my personal and professional research is in the southern states. This week I was researching an early 19th century Massachusetts couple for a client. WOW! Now I know why researchers love the New England states! I am simply amazed with the number of records that are available up there for this time period. I am seriously jealous of New England researchers. I found the town records for Charlestown [near Boston] for births and deaths that made me drool. Not only that, the Boston area newspapers covered vital events (births, marriages, deaths) much more thoroughly than I have found in any paper in the south. I was able to put together a complete Family Group sheet in no time at all. Now I am going back to learn more about the family members which isn't as hard as you might think considering how good the newspapers are. One of the children of this couple left Charlestown to make his fortune in the California Gold Rush. He left Boston Harbor on 11 Jan 1849 on his adventure. Unfortunately, word came back to Boston that he died in a San Fransisco hospital on 14 Dec 1849. I get so excited when I read things like this. Genealogy is never boring.

Speaking of New England, I want to tell you about a book I just finished reading. It is The Naked Quaker by Diane Rapaport. Diane was doing some research in 17th and 18th century New England court records and was amazed at the stories she found. Apparently the Puritans loved to take each other to court over anything at all which is a genealogist's dream. Diane tells some of the stories she found. The title, The Naked Quaker, comes from one of the court cases in which a Quaker was protesting the law that everyone must attend church every Sunday. Unfortunately, the law specified it had to be the Puritan church so that was a problem for the Quakers. To learn more you will need to read the book.

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