Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Resources for Genealogy Books

You just can't have enough books. I am a sucker for books of every kind but especially for cookbooks, craft/sewing books and genealogy books. Since this is a genealogy blog I will concentrate on how to find genealogy books.

First the freebies:

WorldCat will tell you if a library has a book you are interested in. It will list the libraries in order based on the distance from your house.

Internet Archive
This is where you will find books that are out of copyright. You will find old genealogies, biographies and local genealogies.

Google Books
Another source of books that out of copyright. After you put in your search criteria and get the result back, click the link on the left that says, "Free Google E-Books" because there are also previews for books still in copyright that have links to purchase. This includes books that are out of print (but still under copyright) that you can find used.

Family History Books
This is a collection of resources from the Family History Library (FHL) and their partner organizations. You will find many manuscripts that were sent in to the FHL that were published nowhere else.

Now the paid ones. There are many genealogy books that you just won't find on Amazon. I am going to defer to my friend Cyndi Howell's of Cyndi's List. She has put together a comprehensive list of genealogy book publishers. Here is Cyndi's main book page. Click on the links under Catagory Index for a plethora of publishers on every topic imaginable.

And don't forget:

Ebay Genealogy Page
Amazon's USED books
Barnes and Noble's USED books

I have found some nice books on Ebay including two Lincoln County, Georgia history books, one of which is out of print. I have an extensive library of books here at the house but I also make full use of libraries. In case I am on any of your Christmas lists, get me a book.

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