Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pumpkin Center, Georgia


I live in Pumpkin Center, Georgia.  Unless you live in Columbia County you have probably never heard of it (and many people in Columbia County haven’t heard of it either).  Its only claim to fame is that it sits at a crossroads of two highways and there is a convenience store so that you can gas up and wet your whistle before you continue your journey. It sits one mile south of I20 and many people go this way.  I am not sure what the population is but I would guess around 200.  We aren’t even big enough to have made it onto Google Maps though the store did.  

I had so much fun taking these photographs because several people stopped to say hello.  I have been taking photos in this area for ten years now and most people know who I am though usually they find my car and not me.  I park my car on the side of the road with a sign in the window that says, “I’m out looking at a few graves, be right back.”  I don’t want the deputies worrying about me.  I used to drive an electric blue pickup truck that had quite the reputation.  No one knew my name but they knew the “cemetery lady” drove the blue truck.  People would be waiting by the truck for my return so they could tell me about some old graves they knew about.   Today I got some quizzical looks because they aren’t used to me taking photos of street signs.  Sorry the photos are so dark but it was getting ready to storm.

Here is the famous Pumpkin Center Store


Here is the crossroads.  We even have a caution light!
his is facing west towards Thomson.


Going north


Going south


Going east


Going west


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  1. I love this! This is exactly the type of town we live in and are looking for if we decide to relocate to TN. Not to get off topic but any suggestions for TN with a town just like this and in the mountains? I am hoping someone reading this comment will have some advice. Great story!

  2. I am partial to Roan Mountain, TN. It is a bigger than Pumpkin Center but not too much :) It is right in the mountains and if you go above where Roan Mountain State Park is, it is actually high enough to be in a different climate zone and they get a lot of snow. There is a whole book written about Roan Mountain because it has a very interesting past. Look for Roan Mountain, A Passage of Time by Jennifer Bauer Laughlin :)

  3. Thank you so much for taking the time to respond. Marking my map up right now!!!!

  4. I love that you are known as the cemetery lady. :)

  5. It is pretty cool :) I have had people volunteer to go out with me just to protect me :) Some of these cemeteries are 1/2 to 2 miles off of the roadway. I have lots of redneck friends with guns :) :) :)

  6. My Papa Jordan would take me the Dewey Moore's Store as it was called then and I know there were at least 2 buildings, 1 was the store and I guess the other was like a warehouse or something. Anyway behing the 2nd one was a covered area with I think, chicken wire for the walls and Mr. Moore had monkeys in there and I always thought that it was the neatest thing to stop and feed the monkeys!! My Papa Jordan died just a few months after I turned 7 years old so that has been many years ago.

  7. I didn't know that! No monkeys in the story anymore unless you include my children who stop on a regular basis for a coke :)

  8. Good afternoon! I found your information online and saw you did a lot of research on cemeteries and were in the Pumpkin Center, GA area.

    My mom's side of the family is from Pumpkin Center and I spent every summer at grandma's house, which is at the corner of Wrightsboro Road and Old Appling Harlem Highway. The reason I am writing though, is that I am working on my family lineage and while researching, I remembered finding a few graves in the edge of the woods across the street from grandma's house. I looked online but did not see them mentioned anywhere and wondered who they were. I wondered if you knew of these graves and if you had any information on them? Growing up, my mom and grandma always told me they were in the woods there and I remember finding them one summer. A few summers later, I remember going there again and finding they looked like someone had tried to dig them up, which spooked me as a kid and I never returned. That was probably 25 years ago.
    I did a parcel search online and that property is indeed listed as a cemetery. It's parcel 030 004B and is a triangle shape bordered by Wrightsboro Road to the north side of the property and Old Appling Harlem Highway on the south side of the property. The graves were on the south side, just inside the tree line if I remember correctly. Have you ever seen these or heard of them?

    1. I found the cemetery and photographed the markers

      I will be writing a blog post about this :)