Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Even More Questions About the GPS

Question from Dana:
”I am not sure how to record all the things that I checked but I didn’t find anything.”

Great question!  If you use a Research Calendar your negative searches will be recorded there.  If you don’t use a research calendar then you need to have it recorded in your genealogy database program’s research log or to-do list or you can record it in the notes section. I use research calendars.  I use a template that I designed in Microsoft Word and I have a file on my computer called “Research Calendars” where I park them. I use Legacy Family Tree as my genealogy database program.  Legacy allows you to attach photos and files to each person in your tree.  I attach a copy of the research calendar to the person of interest within Legacy so that everything I have on that person is in one place (Legacy actually links to the document.  It is only on my computer one time).  

We talked about this on the Transitional Genealogists Forum (TGF) not too long ago. The discussion was in reference to formal case studies and whether or not you should record your negative searches within the report itself. The general opinion was that you only record a negative search if that negative search had a direct impact on your conclusion.  Even so, you need to have your negative searches/results recorded somewhere.

Question from Anonymous:
”What do you do with all of this proof arguments?  Where do you keep them?”

The shorter ones are just typed into the research notes section in Legacy   I write long ones in Microsoft Word and then I save them in a file on my computer called “Case Studies.” I link these files to the person of interest in Legacy.  

Question from Dan:
”I don’t have the Evidence Explained book.  I use RootsMagic and it has a built in source generator that uses Evidence Explained.  Have you heard about any problems doing it this way?”

I don’t use RootsMagic routinely but I do have the free RootsMagic Essentials program on my computer.  I think their templates adhere to Evidence Explained pretty good.  Just make sure you pay attention to what RootMagic suggests that you put in each field.  Even though I too use templates, I still like to have the book as a reference as a double check. 

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