Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I am working on a very large Mississippi project so I decided now would be the time to convert my research binder over to Microsoft OneNote.  Most of my stuff needed updating anyway.  To learn what a research binder is, click on Research Binders Part I and Part II.

I don’t know why it took me so long to do this because I am really liking what I see.  The way I have it set up is the name of the notebook is Research Binder (duh!) and I have tabs for all of the states I work in. Eventually I will add tabs for different countries and for general subjects too.   Under each tab you can add pages of information by topic. You can have as many tabs and pages as you want.  So far for Mississippi I have:

Territorial/State Censuses
FamilySearch Resources
Ancestry.com Resources
Greene County
Perry County
Washington County
internet Bookmarks

I have many more pages I will be adding over the next few days.  These were the first ones I needed for the project I am working on.  For the FamilySearch and Ancestry.com pages, all I did was copy and paste their Mississippi page and I have all of the links to all of their collections in one place!  Not only that, the pages are automatically date and time stamped so I can see at a glance how long it has been since I updated the information.  I can go back and copy and paste is anytime I want. 

I copied all of my Mississippi internet bookmarks onto a page.  Eventually the bookmarks will be transferred to the appropriate page but for now it was just easier to put them all together.  Another cool thing I can do is I can send emails I need to keep directly to OneNote because I use Microsoft Outlook. 

I am using OneNote because I already have it on my computer but I know that there are many genealogists that swear by Evernote which is free.  Both OneNote and Evernote have mobile apps for your techno wizards out there. 

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