Sunday, February 17, 2013

Unmarked Graves–Part II

Here is the Mt. Tabor Baptist Church Cemetery in Harlem, Georgia. I am a member of this church so of course I love this cemetery.


The cemetery was established in 1862 and it is still being used today.  There are many unmarked graves.  I have been able to identify several of the people buried in the unmarked graves and I am trying to put together a cemetery book for the church’s reference.  If I get really ambitious I will add the obituaries as well.  The church has never kept burial records so they have nothing to refer to when people inquire.  I wrote a human interest type story for the Augusta Chronicle, the Columbia News-Times, the McDuffie Mirror and the McDuffie progress asking people to contact me if they had any information about who was buried in the cemetery without a marker.  A couple of the unmarked graves have flowers placed on them from time to time so I knew that someone knew who was buried there. I also did a search of the Augusta Chronicle/Columbia News-Times for obituaries of people buried in the cemetery and compared it to the known burials. The McDuffie Mirror is a new paper so it wasn’t searched (I have been at the church longer than the paper has been in existence).  The McDuffie Progress has been around since the 1800s but it is on microfilm only and not searchable other than one page at a time. 

Why am I doing all of this?  Read the last two sentences of Yesterday's Post to find out.

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