Friday, February 8, 2013

Who Was Ainslie?

By now you should know that I am a big Sherlock Holmes and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle fan. If you haven’t read my 18 Days With Sherlock series, now would be a good time.  What I didn’t know was that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle had a few mysteries of his own in his personal life.  Historian Al Dawson solved one of these mysteries when he identified “Ainslie,” the recipient of a personal letter penned by Doyle.  His investigative adventure is chronicled in the Nov/Dec 2012 issue of Michigana which is published by the Western Michigan Genealogical Society.  It is a great read and I am happy to be able to bring it to you with permission from the author and the editor of Michigana.  You can learn even more about the twists and turns in the story by reading, “The Identification of Ainslie: A Tale of Literary Sleuthing Inspired by a Letter Found in the ACD Collection,” also by Dawson, in the Summer 2012 issue of The Magic Door which is published by the Friends of the Arthur Conan Doyle Collection, Toronto Public Library.  I am not able to link to this back issue directly but you can contact the Toronto Public Library for more information.

Sometimes SinS Yield Dividends: Who Was Ainslie? by Al Dawson

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  1. Michele,
    I enjoyed the article "Sometimes SinS Yield Dividends: Who Was Ainslie". Excellent article and documentation by Mr. Dawson.

    Do you by any chance have the "18 Days With Sherlock" series as one contiguous PDF?

    Thanks for the posting.


    1. Thanks Charlie,

      Nice to get praise from a Tar Heel! I lived in Chapel Hill 1970 - 1994

      Al Dawson

  2. I haven't done that but I will. Give me some time to get it formatted decently and I will post it on the blog. I will shoot for tomorrow.