Friday, March 15, 2013

Continuing Education News

RootsTech 2013 will be be streamed live from Salt Lake City FREE March 21-23.  Here is the Class Schedule and times as well as the website address you will need to use to access the streaming.  They will not be broadcasting all of the sessions but this is still a great opportunity for those of us that can’t travel that far.  You can pick up your handouts HERE.  You can even get the handouts for the classes that aren’t being streamed.

Y’all already know that I am a big fan of the FREE Legacy Family Tree Webinars and I mention them frequently on the blog.  They now have a webpage dedicated to the webinars that is separate from their Legacy Family Tree Software Page.  They have also started a subscription service so that you can watch all of the archived webinars at your leisure without having to purchase the individual CDs. If you subscribe, you will also have access to the handouts that you don’t get when you watch the webinar live.  These handouts are available on the CDs as well. 

Even with this new website and subscription service, all of the webinars are still FREE when you watch them live or within 10 days of when they are first shown.  After that you will either need a subscription or you will need to purchase the CD to see them.  There are some webinars that remain free forever.  The new site doesn’t show you which ones are free like the old site did and I am hoping they will change that.  You will have to just click on the titles individually to find them.  I will tell you that all of the DNA ones, the newspaper ones, and the FamilySearch ones are freebies.

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