Tuesday, March 19, 2013

DNA Update And Questions about BLM Records and Relicts/Consorts

DNA Update: 
Ordered – 15 Feb 2013
Kit received by my uncle – 21 Feb 2013
My uncle mailed it back – 22 Feb 2013
Kit received by FTDNA – 28 Feb 2013
12 marker results will be in – 19 Apr 2013
37 marker results will be in – 05 May 2013

If the dates are correct, it will mean an 11 week and 2 day wait from the time I ordered the test until the test results come in.  Ouch.  I ordered a 37 marker test but they will post the 12 marker results as soon as that portion of the test is complete. I have another yDNA that I want to do so I guess I better get going on it.

Question from Anonymous:
”I can’t find my ancestor in the Bureau of Land Management [BLM] records online but I know that he owned land in Choctaw County, Alabama. Are there records that have been lost?”

The BLM only has the ORIGINAL land patents and warrants.  Whenever the original patentee sold the land to someone else it would have been recorded at the county level.  If your ancestor was not an original patentee, try looking in the Choctaw County deed index.  Here is some good info on Understanding Land Patents from the BLM. 

Question from a  Columbia County Genealogical Society Member:
”What does relict and consort mean on tombstones"?

These are terms only found on the tombstones of woman.  Mary Doe, relict of John Smith means that Mary was John’s widow at the time of her death (her husband predeceased her).  If you see Mary Doe, consort of John Smith that means that John was still living when Mary died.

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