Thursday, March 7, 2013

Steno Pads

By now  you know that I am a bit of a techno dweeb.  I use my computer all the time but I know that I don’t take advantage of all of the technology that is available out there.  I look at my cyberfriend Thomas MacEntee with awe and jealousy.  He knows more about the high tech aspect of genealogy than anyone else I know.  Sometimes I think I might be missing out on some things that could help me be a more effective researcher.  In the meantime, I rely on my steno pads. 


Yes, I still make paper notes.  I take my steno pads everywhere I go.  Unlike Thomas and the like I don’t use my smart phone (I don’t even have a smart phone) to record my notes along the way.  I have a steno pad in my purse, in my car, in my laptop case and several on my desk.  I just love those things.  I am going to cemetery today to snap a photo for a Find-A-Grave request.  My steno pad will be going with me because you never know what I might need to write down. 

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  1. I use the good old steno pad too! I use mine for reminders, shopping lists and research. It travels with me everywhere. I started this in 1997 when I had a job that required us to use the steno pad to take messages and requests. I have a smartphone but don't like typing on it!!

  2. I'm SO glad I'm not the only one! I try to use all the techno-dweeby stuff but sometimes lo-tech is the best way. I have a whole steno pad full of notes that I took at FGS last year. Yes. A whole one. Full.

    Please don't take any of this to say that I can actually READ any of my webinar/seminar notes after the fact. Psh. That would be silly.

  3. I had to thumb through my pad to find a semi legible page :) :) :)

    It might be better if Thomas MacEntee doesn't read this... or, I could be evil and specifically invite him over :)

  4. We can chain mail him some steno pads LOL

  5. You are not alone Soul Sister! I do the same thing that is why my office is filled with papers, notebooks and massive clutter. Great post!

  6. I sent Thomas a private message and told him about the post. He got a kick out of it :) By the time I am up to his level he will be flying in a spaceship somewhere doing galactic genealogy :)