Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Couple of Interesting Websites

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: I am taking a week off from posting because I am in the middle of a couple of big genealogical projects that have deadlines.  I will continue to post on the Orphan Photos Blog because it only takes me a minute to get a post ready for that one.  I will be back on Monday, April 22, 2013.

Someone posted a question about the definition of “mulatto” in reference to census records on the National Genealogical Society’s Home Study Course mailing list.  Someone else posted a website that details the instructions given to the enumerators for the 1850 through 1950 censuses.  The Enumerator Instructions are very interesting and will answer a lot of your questions about what was recorded on the census.

Genealogy Trails is a collection of individual state and county website set up very much like USGenWeb.  The emphasis is on the transcription of documents. It is free and worth taking a look at.  You will find some things here that aren’t on USGenWeb.  Genealogy Trails hasn’t gotten a lot of publicity and I think many genealogists don’t even know about it so I am giving it a little air time here.

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