Friday, April 26, 2013

Adoption Birth Certificates

Sherry asks:
”Do you know anything about some kind of form that might be registered in certain states when a birth happens that might have the birth mother and birth father's name, even if a birth certificate was then issued with the adopted mother and adopted father's names on the birth certificate?  I was told in passing by a genealogy "fairy" that there is a form like that that can be found later, but now that there is a need for the info, I can't find the term she used or how to figure it out.  Any idea what I'm talking about? Like an after birth but pre-adoption birth certificate or a pre-adoption form or something?”

Whether or not you can get the original birth certificate or not depends completely on the state of issue. Each state has a form you fill out to request a birth certificate (even for “normal” ones) and you can find that on the state’s department of health website.  There might have been a form (worksheet) that was filled out at the time but that would have only been used for informational purposes to assist in filling out the birth certificate itself.  This form, if it was used, wouldn’t have been kept and even if it had of been it wouldn’t have anything on it that isn’t on the birth certificate itself. 

Some states allow the adoptee to get a copy of the original birth certificate once they become an adult.  Some also allow children of the adoptee to get a copy.  Some states will issue a birth certificate with some of the information blotted out (like the parents’ names).  Some states don’t allow anyone to get a copy without a court order.  In some states one or both of the birth parents can block the release of any information to the adoptee.  The rules for your state will be on the state’s department of health website and then you can go from there.

Sherry also had a follow-up question:
”What do people do who were in closed adoptions but need a passport, for example, and only have their adoption birth certificate?”

Getting a passport is no problem at all. The adoption birth certificate is the official birth certificate. You would never need the original one.

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