Saturday, April 27, 2013

Alex Haley’s Roots

One of my relatives asked me about Roots yesterday. She had just watched the mini series on video from the library.  She wanted to know what I thought about it.  She is a NOT a genealogist but knows that I am and she figured I had an opinion.   “Do you think this story is true?  I think it would be hard to prove all of this.”  Great observation.  African-American genealogy is challenging to say the least and Alex Haley followed his line back further than most African-American researchers are able to do.

For the best analysis of Roots, please read Elizabeth Shown Mills and Gary B Mills’ article, “The Genealogist’s Assessment of Alex Haley’s Roots which appeared in the March 1984 issues of the National Genealogical Society Quarterly.  Elizabeth Shown Mills, CG ,CGL, FASG is considered one of the top genealogists in the field and is a respected researcher and writer.

We must give credit to Alex Haley for one thing.  His book motivated people to delve into their own past and a new generation of genealogists was born.

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