Friday, April 5, 2013

Final DNA Results are in!

DNA Update: 
Ordered – 15 Feb 2013
Kit received by my uncle – 21 Feb 2013
My uncle mailed it back – 22 Feb 2013
Kit received by FTDNA – 28 Feb 2013
12 marker results – 22 Mar 2013
25 and 37 marker results – 03 Apr 2013

So what did the DNA show?  I have one match at the 37 marker level and it is a 1 step match.  Family Tree DNA says, “Very few people achieve this close level of a match.”  So far so good!  I am very excited because this match has the correct surname and he has his earliest known ancestor back to 1755.  My earliest known ancestor (with this surname) is 1764.  The contributor has an exact date of birth for his earliest ancestor.  Since I am a bit impatient, I ran the name and birth date though and FamilySearch and got no hits.  I did find a couple queries on genealogy message boards when I did a Google search but I didn’t see anything earth shattering.   I have emailed this Simmons match and I am anxiously waiting for his reply.

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