Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Just to the right you will see a link to GeneaBloggers.  Do you know what GeneaBloggers is?  Thomas MacEntee maintains a clearinghouse of most (if not all) the genealogy related blogs on the internet.  He makes it really easy to find blogs you might find interesting and helpful to your research as well as blogs that are just plain fun.  Thomas has well over 3000 blogs listed on his website and he has them categorized so finding what you are looking for is easy.  GeneaBloggers also provides help and support for the actual bloggers.  Thomas has a list of Daily Blogging Prompts to give you some ideas when you have a case of writer’s block.  Thomas will showcase your blog on Facebook and Google+.  Thomas has thousands of friends and followers so your blog will get some serious exposure.  He will also post about your blog again on its anniversary date.

Blogging is a great way to show off your research and to connect with others working on the same research problems as you are.  It will also help keep your research organized and on track. Why not start your own blog!  Just make sure that you take advantage of GeneaBloggers by registering your blog and displaying the GeneaBloggers logo on your home page.

Bloggers, you can support your fellow genealogy bloggers but visiting the new blogs that Thomas posts and leaving a word of encouragement in their comments. If you are on Facebook you can “like” Thomas’ posts when he showcases new blogs or announces an anniversary and if you are on Google+ you can hit the +1. 

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