Monday, April 1, 2013

Old vs. New Part I

If you are fairly new to (say within the last couple of years) you might not be aware that the search feature is different than it used to be.  For some reason will still let you use the old search even after all this time.  The reason I mention this is a lot of people like the old search better.  If you have having problems finding what you are looking for you might want to try it out.

This is what the new search page looks like and this is what most of you are used to seeing.


Here is a screen shot of where you need to click.  This is in the upper right corner of the Search Page.



And here is a screenshot of the old search page.


You should always have it set to Advanced Search no matter which search page you like better. The more fields you have to input data, the narrower your results will be. I always mark the “exact matches only” box as well.  I can always lessen the criteria if I need to.  Remember, make your searches as tight as possible and then slowly loosen them up.  That will cut  down on the irrelevant matches.  When you are using the old search, click on the “choose which categories to search” at the bottom.  This is the same as the “restrict to” feature in the new search but it isn’t obvious.

Play around with the old and new searches a bit and use whichever one you like better.  Hopefully will continue to offer the old search.  Tomorrow  I will show you an example of why I like the old search better.

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  1. I, too, like the old search much better. I get much "tighter" results.

  2. I wish I had known about this old search - it is much better!

  3. I am curious as I do not see the button you circle anywhere on my Ancestry opening page. I can see the shop icon, the ribbon and then I have a green bar with no small writing showing this. Can you advise please?

  4. You must be on the actual search page and not on's home page. If you are on the home page you will automatically get the new search. From the home page, click SEARCH and then SEARCH ALL RECORDS on the top ribbon. Now you should see the Old Search button at the top right corner right underneath the link that says Gift memberships. You have to be logged in too.