Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Old vs. New Part II

I am going to show you one reason I like the old search better.  If you put the name Marmaduke Jowers in both the old and the new searches using the criteria of exact matches and historical records only you will get 14 hits either way.  It is how the records are displayed that is different.  Sorry that the first screenshot isn’t completely clear.  I can only make the graphic so big on the blog.

Here is the new search.  All of the results are sort of jumbled up on the right.  For example, the census records are not grouped together.  To narrow it to the type of record you have to click on of the categories on the left.

Jowers 1


If I do the same search on the old search page I get a short and sweet list of results that are already grouped by category making it easier for me to see what I have.  If you notice, this has more information than the left panel in the new search.  I like it this way better.  The list is more organized and meaningful.

Jowers 2

Tomorrow I will give you an example of a search producing different results using the old and new searches.

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  1. And what happens if you change the view from "by Releance" to the other option...?

  2. If you click the down arrow next to "Sorted by relevance" in the upper right of the heading, you can choose "Summarized by category" and get the same type of listing as you got with old search.

    I use that all the time - I also dislike the "sorted by relevance" list.

  3. Great catch, Randy! I didn't realize that if you put "summarized by category" it would give you the list the way it should look :) To tell you the truth, I never even saw that option. Tomorrow will show a different problem with the new search though. This will be an example where the old and the new search produces slightly different results.

  4. I find the search results are more relevant using old search. The new search with exact checked, well, sometimes I just want to scream. FamilySearch does a better job for me than the new search, most of the time.

  5. The more I use FamilySearch's search the more I like it. It is amazing how many people I find in the census records on FS that I couldn't find on Ancestry.com.