Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Old vs. New Part III

Today I will show you that you can get different results using the old and new searches on I put in the name Joseph Rufus Chenevert using the exact matches option and historical records only.  I am using an example with only a few hits so that you can see the results in the screenshots better. 

If you notice, the new search gives us a hit with the the name Joseph and Chenevert close to each other but it isn’t an exact match which is what I asked for.

joe 1

If  I use the old search it doesn’t make that mistake.

joe 2

I suppose you could make the argument that was trying to help me by giving me close hits but that isn’t what I asked for.  I have the options for fuzzy searches and close matches but in this case I had asked for exact matches only. 

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