Sunday, April 7, 2013

Orphan Photos, FS Family Tree, Indexing and SS-5s

Keri asks:
”Are you doing any research yourself to find the families of the people in your
orphan photos?”

I really don’t have the time.  I am hoping the readers will get curious enough to do a little sleuthing.  For now I am just happy to rescue the photos and keep them safe. 

Rebecca asks:
”Do you have your family tree on FamilySearch’s Family Tree?”

I have a few selected individuals and small branches on FS’s Family Tree.  I do not have my entire file uploaded nor do I have any immediate plans to do so.  I upload a person here or there as I am working on them to give me the time to combine duplicates, add notes, etc.

Bev  asks:
”I have gotten addicted to indexing records [
FamilySearch Indexing] What is your favorite thing to index?” 

I am partial to military records.  I also like any sort of death record because I think they are very interesting.  My current favorite project is the Maine Delayed Births, Marriages, and Deaths.

John asks:
”How long does it normally take to get a
SS-5 back?”

A long time, at least 8 weeks.

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