Friday, May 3, 2013

Blogging Part II

I was overwhelmed with emails asking for more information on how to actually start a genealogy blog.  This topic was introduced in the GeneaBloggers post.

I use Blogger for my blog hosting site which is free.  You can take a Blogger Tour and watch a Video Tutorial which will teach you everything you need to know about starting a blog on Blogger.

Another popular blog hosting site is WordPress.  I have not used this one myself but I know a lot of people that do.  You can get a free account with WordPress but you can also have an account with more bells, whistles and storage for a fee.  On the WordPress Support Page you will find links to their tutorials and helps.

So what should you blog about?  Most genealogy bloggers use their blogs to tell the story of their own family and to get their research out there.  You can post discoveries you have made or brick walls you are working on.  Another thing you can blog about are any special projects that you do such as showcasing cemeteries that you visit/survey or maybe photographs that you collect like our companion blog Orphan Photos.  If you have a special area of expertise, such as DNA or 18th century New England research, you can blog about that. 

Blogging can help you with your research because it forces you to organize everything and do double checks.  If you know that other people will be reading your work you want everything to be just so.

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