Friday, May 17, 2013

Lineage Societies Part II

Bob (the original poster in Lineage Societies) wrote back to ask:
”Do you belong to any societies?”

I should have known this one was coming.  The answer is no.  I have applications for several societies that I have completed.  I did this to prove to myself that I had the required evidence to meet the eligibility requirements.  The reason I haven’t turned any applications in is two-fold.

I won’t mention the exact lineage societies but I was invited to meetings of two different ones that are held in this local area.  I was excited about it but when I actually attended I was disappointed.   The members of these particular chapters were not genealogists.  They were non genealogists/non historians that joined the societies to increase their social standing in the community.  They did not do their own research but rather hired people to do it for them.  These groups are very involved in civic duties (a good thing) but their group was just not my cup of tea.  The members were in a higher social class than I and talked a lot about their social gatherings and events and nothing at all about genealogy and history.  I felt very out of  place.  I don’t move in the same social circles and active participation in their events is required.  I don’t want you to misunderstand.  These groups are very civic minded and do a good job in the community raising awareness and funds for local needs but I would be more interested in a group that has a main focus on genealogy because that is what my passion is. 

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