Friday, May 31, 2013

My Space


On The Organized Genealogist Facebook group page everyone was posting photos of their work space so I thought I would let you see where I do my sleuthing.  My “office” is one wall of my tiny bedroom.  I have quite a bit of stuff crammed in there.  The bookcase to the left has all of my genealogy books, my document binders and some office supplies.  On top of the bookcase, among the assorted photos and knick knacks, is an antique tea cup from about 1890.  To the left of my desk on the floor there is a shredder and tucked in beside the bookcase is my space heater (gotta have that!)  I use a brown paper bag for a trashcan which is usually under my desk but today is trash day and I haven’t replaced it yet.  The horizontal blinds over my desk serve as my bulletin board.  I use bull clamps to hold the notes on.  The picture on the wall to the left of the desk is a plat map of Wrightsborough, the first Quaker settlement in Georgia.  On top of that is my great-grandfather as a young man.  The painting on the wall to the right of my desk was done by my daughter Kelly.  On top of that are my 2nd great-aunts (both nurses like me!)  You can see my printer on top of the filing cabinet where I keep tons of misc. “stuff.”  The bookcase to the right has all of my nursing books (I work very part time as an RN in a emergency room) and my music (I play guitar and clarinet).  I have two shelves with genealogy stuff; an old Bible, two boxes of photos and a couple of framed photos that haven’t made it to the wall yet.  On top of this bookshelf, along with a stuffed frog and a photo of my wonderful children, is a stack of antique plates I got from my mother-in-law.  What you can’t see is a large plastic tub in my closet that holds all my old periodicals.

Normally my desk would be piled high with papers and the floor just to the right of my chair would be covered in reference books.  I cleaned everything up for the photo.  I wanted you to get the false impression that I keep my stuff organized all the time.  One day I hope to have a whole room to myself.  I need just one more child to move out.

Copyright © 2013 Michele Simmons Lewis


  1. I love that you use your blinds as a "cork" board for your notes. My office is part of my bedroom,as well. Sometimes even my bed is covered in research papers and books.

  2. Nothing wrong with tidying up a bit for company, Michele. It makes us feel welcome.
    I love that you have some of your family treasures - the photos, the map, the tea cup and plates - right there. Those bits and pieces bring people back to us in memory, I feel.

  3. The only complaint I have is that the AC vent is right by my feet! I end up having to close it but then the room gets warm. I have no other way to rearrange the bedroom so I am stuck. I need a new printer. My printer is only letter size. When I need something scanned that is legal size I have to bring it up to the library. Thank goodness I have two daughters that work there than can help me out :)

  4. Wow, I'm impressed. I don't know how you do it with such a small desk. I recently bought a BIG desk. Big enough for my laptop, monitors AND a place to write on. And I'm in heaven. I'm rooting for you and the kiddo to move out. Keep up the good work!

  5. I MIGHT be moving all my stuff into the "music room." I will have a little more space but my things will be scattered a bit. I will be sharing the space with all of my sewing stuff, an organ, a piano, another books and several guitars. Instead of everything being on one wall it will be split between two. I am still contemplating whether I should move or not. My biggest motivation is that the AC vent is right by my feet under my desk now. In the winter it is no problem at all but in the summer I about freezer to death. I have to block the vent but then the room gets too warm. I just can't stand having that cold air blowing right on me.