Friday, June 7, 2013

Ada’s Birthdate

In yesterday’s Extra Children Post I mentioned Ada Frances Simmons.  I don’t have any direct evidence of her exact birthdate so I had to do a proof argument showing why I believe her birthdate was 23 July 1890.  This isn’t in normal proof argument format. I am leaving it in the current format because there is extra information in there that will help you understand the thought processes.  The last paragraph, “Analysis,” is more in a proof argument format.  This report was used in a National Genealogical Society (NGS) Home Study Course assignment as well as a ProGen assignment. 

I want to point out one thing.  In the report I stated that a date calculated from a census age was INDIRECT evidence. My rationale was that if a person was a certain age on the census he/she could have been born in two different years depending on what month they were born in.  It doesn’t exactly answer the question, “When was Ada born?”  However, the current thinking on this exact situation is that it is in fact DIRECT evidence. You could answer the above question by stating, “Ada was born in either 1889 or 1890.”  I left the report in its original format because I am still working on getting the definitive answer to this question.  Also, when I uploaded the pdf to Google Docs some of the formatting got messed up (different fonts show up in the same paragraph).  I just wanted you to know that the actual report doesn’t look that way.

When was Ada Frances (Simmons) Bounds born?

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