Saturday, June 22, 2013

PAF and New FamilySearch News

For those of you that use New FamilySearch (nFS) directly, or those that use Legacy, RootsMagic or Ancestral Quest to interface with nFS, be aware that on 30 Jun 2013 you will no longer be able to make any changes to nFS.  That is the official switchover day to Family Tree.  The three listed programs are those that have been certified by FamilySearch to interface with nFS and now Family Tree.

Effective 15 Jul 2013, the Family History Library (FHL) will no longer have Personal Ancestral File (PAF) available for download nor will they be providing technical support to those people that continue to use PAF past that date.  The FHL recommends that you switchover to one of the above listed database programs.  If you use PAF, you can read more about how to switch over HERE.

For those of you that have no idea what I am talking about, FamilySearch’s Family Tree is a giant online, interconnected family tree.  It is much different than the trees you find on or similar websites where individuals upload their GEDCOMs.  On those sites the trees are kept separate.  In Family Tree the goal is to have ONE tree that everyone belongs too (in theory anyway).  It is fairly new so it still have kinks but the LDS members and the non LDS beta testers have been working hard to get the Tree is good shape. 

Before you upload anything to Family Tree, or before you interface with Family Tree using one of the above database programs, please watch the instructional videos.  The last thing Family Tree needs is for people to start uploading their files willy nilly.  Go to the Family Tree Training Page to view the online courses and training videos.  You will be asked to sign in.  If you haven’t registered (free) you will need to do so.  These training sessions will teach you how to use Family Tree the right way.  Remember, this is ONE tree which means if your ancestors are already in the tree you will have merge your person into the one already there and not add a new one.  You will be able to make corrections, add more information, add sources, add family links, add comments etc.  If everyone uses Family Tree the way it is meant to be used it will be a great resource.

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