Friday, June 14, 2013

RootsMagic and Legacy

By now you know that I am a long time user of Legacy Family Tree but I many of my colleagues like RootsMagic so I thought I should try it out.  I now have both programs on my computer and I am looking forward to comparing the two.  The first thing I did was join the RootsMagic Mailing List.  I know I will have questions even after watching the Training Webinars.  I love trying out new stuff so this will be fun. 

I also want to talk about Legacy a little bit ecause I am not abandoning it.  Version 8 is coming out very soon and Geoff Rassmussen has been sending out little teasers on the Legacy Mailing List about the new features.  So far we know that the look will be updated and streamlined.  Yesterday Geoff announced that you will be able to see all nine tags on the family view and on the individual screen instead of three which was definitely on my wish list.  You will also be able to see how many individuals there are on each tag which is very handy.  Before you would have to do a search for everyone tagged on tag 5 to get a count.  Legacy now interfaces with New FamilySearch but soon it will switch over to FamilyTree.  That might happen before Version 8 is released. 

Many genealogists run more than one database program on their computer to take advantage of each program’s strengths.  I guess I just became one of them.

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  1. Roots Magic has been sitting on my computer for 4 years basically unused as I had been using PAF since it's dos days. Then I started doing a one-name study, upgraded to version 6 and now l am singing it praises. I always set it to work from the "timeline" view when I open it up.

  2. I am going to use RootsMagic for one family line just so that I can get a feel for it. I want to watch some of the videos first. There are a lot of people that still use PAF!

  3. Great idea, Michele. A solid, careful tryout.
    Pretty much everything re choice of program is so personal.... Ease of use for you, your priorities, the way you want reports to look, handling of images, etc.
    I switched from Legacy (great program!) to RM at around RM3. And it was a fairly close toss-up then. Don't know what Legacy has done since then. Probably very good things!
    Because of finances, I finally moved from RM4 to RM6 early this year. I debated spending the money. When I explored all the new features and flexibilities.... Well, my husband said he would love to hear those Ooos! and Yes! and heavy breathing from me when I wasn't in front of the computer ;-)
    A winner for me. Your mileage may vary.

  4. It is always fun to play with something new. Now if I only had the time to actually play with it...