Monday, June 3, 2013

Sharing Your Research With Family

Fran asks:
”How do you respond when a family member (a non genealogist) hears about your research and suddenly gets all excited about it and asks you to send them everything thing that you have uncovered?”

I would send them a simple pedigree chart with that person as the anchor.  This will show them their direct line ancestors which is what most non genealogists are most interested in anyway.  I might throw in a few interesting family stories about specific ancestors. I would also answer any specific questions that they might have like “Do you know if Grandpa Morgan fought in WWI?”  Maybe it will be enough to spark their interest so that they will start sleuthing a bit on their own.  I don’t think I would ever send my entire file to anyone, let alone someone that doesn’t know what they are looking at.  It would be overwhelming for them and a waste of time for me if their interest is only fleeting.  It would also be way too tempting for someone just starting out to copy the entire file as their own.

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