Wednesday, July 10, 2013


I am helping my stepsister with a little research project.  I found a marriage in the Florida Marriages 1830-1993 Index and a divorce entry in the Florida Divorce Index 1927-2001 for her person of interest.  I won’t name the county but I called the __________ County Clerk’s Office to request the documents.  I gave the clerk all of the information from the index which was everything they needed to be able to find the records.  The clerk told me to call back in an hour.  When I called back she told me that she had found the marriage record but couldn’t find the divorce decree.  She told me to just go to FamilySearch (FS) and find it there.  I explained that the information I gave her came from FS and that it is only an index.  I need copies of the actual documents.  She told me that perhaps the couple had divorced in ___________ County (county in another state with the same name).  I told her that was highly unlikely since the divorce record was in the FLORIDA divorce index.  She then asked me for the case number that FS provided.  I explained that there was no case number just the volume and certificate number.  She said she would access FS herself and look at the information in the index. A minute later she said she couldn’t find the entry either by the man’s name or the woman’s.  I verified the spelling and she still couldn’t find it.  I asked for her email address and that I would just send her the direct links to the entries for both the husband and wife.  She told me to call her back in a hour.  When I called back the clerk stated that she was turning it over to another lady in the office because she still couldn’t find it and for me to call back in another hour.  In about 10 minutes I received an email stating that the other lady had found the record with no difficulty and for me call back so they could get my mailing information.

As totally aggravating as this was I am still very grateful that I could call this particular county and give my request over the phone.  The alternative would have been a letter in the mail and then a return letter stating they couldn’t find it and then me having to send another letter etc.  Many counties will not take requests over the phone so I usually do correspond by letter but I was told that this particular county would take phone requests.  My blood pressure went up several notches today but my documents are in the mail on the way to me. 

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