Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Legacy 8

I am very excited that Legacy 8 is close to being released.  Geoff Rasmussen has been teasing us by telling us about some of the new features.  Here is what Geoff has told us so far.  The starred items are things that I had submitted as a suggestion.

  • A updated and streamlined look
  • A new top ribbon (toolbar) that collapses to allow more room on the screen
  • A new button so that you can toggle between 4 and 5 generations on the pedigree view
  • Expanded color customization options
  • All 9 tags will be visible*
  • You will be able to see how many people are tagged on each tag on the Advanced Tagging screen
  • Fully integrated with FamilySearch’s FamilyTree.  They will be releasing this feature to version 7 before version 8 actually comes out so that people can get started.  You still have access to NewFamilySearch but you can’t make any changes anymore
  • If you follow the color coding method for your 4 grandparent lines, you will be happy to know that you will be able to color code using TWO starting points (typically you and your spouse)
  • Enhanced migration mapping that will allow you an animated view in map mode, aerial mode, 3D and bird’s eye mode
  • Legacy will now map all of the addresses that you have entered (home addresses as well as cemeteries, churches, etc.)
  • Instant duplicate checking.  As soon as you add a new person Legacy will check to see if there are any possible matches in your database instead of having to go through the merge/find duplicates menu*
  • Shared events.  When you add an event you will no longer have to use the clipboard to add the event to other people one at a time.  You can enter the event and tell Legacy who all you want to also have this same event with a click.  Think about a census record with a husband, wife and 12 children and you will immediately understand how much time this will save you.  This one is a biggie*
  • They added a column/icon on the event list to indicate if that particular event is shared with anyone else.  If you hover over the icon it will tell you how many people share the event
  • An age column has been added to the list of events so you can see at a glance how old the person was at the time of each recorded event
  • The S symbol in the source column (on the event screen) has been replaced with the same symbol that is used on every other screen that shows sources, the books symbol.  Now it is consistent with the rest of the screens. 
  • Events are now automatically sorted by date when you add a new event*
  • There is a new button so that you can sort all of your events, marriages, and children by date with one fell swoop (for all of the events and such that were previously entered).  There are parameters that you can change regarding how to handle events with no dates*

Geoff is not done giving us previews of the new features so stay tuned.  You can follow the story on Legacy News.  If you buy Legacy 7 now, you will get the Legacy 8 upgrade for free.  I do not work for Legacy but this is the program that I use and I am very happy with it.  I don’t hesitate to recommend it to others.

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