Tuesday, July 30, 2013

OneNote and Evernote

I mention OneNote and Evernote from time to time.  I use OneNote because it is set up to look like an old fashioned binder with tabs and pages which works out well for a dinosaur like me.  Evernote looks more like a bulletin board.  Cyndi Howell’s of Cyndi’s List has added two new pages to her wonderful website which are dedicated to OneNote and Evernote.  Either one of these programs will help you keep your stuff organized.  Some people even use both.  Click on the links below to learn how to use these programs.

Cyndi’s List of resources for OneNote
Cyndi’s List of resources for Evernote

OneNote is PC only, Evernote is for PC and Macs.

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  1. Thank you, Michele. I definitely will appreciate this info. :)