Friday, July 5, 2013

The latest in my DNA saga

Here are the tests I have done so far:

  • yDNA with FamilyTreeDNA (FTDNA) on my maiden name Simmons (my uncle took the test)
  • yDNA with FTDNA on my Lewis line (my husband took the test)
  • atDNA with (I took the test) 
  • I transferred my atDNA results from to FTDNA.
  • mtDNA with FTDNA (I took the test and the results are pending)
  • atDNA with 23andMe (I took the test and the results are pending)

This will be it for me for awhile.  In case you are wondering, the reason I am doing a second atDNA test with 23andMe is because I can’t transfer my results to 23andMe and they have the largest database.  I am trying to solve a very specific genealogical dilemma so it is important for me to get the DNA out there in all three databases. 

I will be very interested to see my mtDNA results.  My mother, her mother, her mother etc. were all born in Germany (Prussia).  I should have very few matches which may turn out to be a good thing.  DNA testing isn’t as popular in Germany so the only people I should match are ancestors of children of the above that immigrated. 

So far I haven’t discovered anything earth shattering.  The two people that I thought were my parents really are (as evidenced by the people I show related to) which is always a good thing.  Now I know my research has been done on the right people.  Right now I am in a holding pattern.  I am waiting for more matches to appear in the databases as more people get tested and also waiting for the results of my last two tests.

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  1. You are one up on me. I didn't even know you could transfer your autosomal test results from AncestryDNA to ftDNA! When did that start?

  2. I never thought of the tests showing me my parents were not my parents! Whew! I've tested every place but Not sure if I will or not. One cousin tested with them and maybe there are more out there waiting. I probably will.

  3. FTDNA just ran an special where you could transfer your results from Ancestry or 23andMe. I think it is a fairly new option and the sale was a way to advertise it. They run sales all the time so I would just wait for the next one.

    The problem with Ancestry is that I get emails all the time that I have 213 new matches! Unfortunately, most of those are 6th cousins and beyond. I wish there was a way to tell Ancestry that I only want to be notified of 3rd or better. There might be a way to do it but I haven't found it.

  4. Ditto that last comment Michelle. My matches except 1 which was the MOST important have all been dead ends. I have emailed quite a it of folks and not even a common courtesy of a response. Lots of trees that are private OR the match never bothered to fill in any family names. I have to say Ancestry is a lot more user friendly than FTDNA.

  5. This is one of those times where I just need to sit back and bide my time. As more people do DNA testing, more relevant matches will start popping up :)