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The Unanimous Declaration of the Thirteen United States of America

Declaration of Independence: July 4th 1776

N. Currier, circa 1835-1856, Library of Congress

On this date 237 years ago, 56 men signed the document that declared our freedom from Great Britain and the rest,  as they say, is history.  How many of these names do you recognize? 

                    GEORGIA,    { Button Gwinnett,
                                         { Lyman Hall,
                                         { Geo. Walton.

     NORTH-CAROLINA,    { Wm. Hooper,
                                         { Joseph Hewes,
                                         { John Penn.

     SOUTH-CAROLINA,    { Edward Rutledge,
                                         { Thos. Heyward, junr.
                                         { Thomas Lynch, junr.
                                         { Arthur Middleton

                MARYLAND,    { Samuel Chase,
                                         { Wm. Paca,
                                         { Thos. Stone,
                                         { Charles Carroll, of Car-

                    VIRGINIA,    { George Wythe,
                                        { Richard Henry Lee,
                                        { Ths. Jefferson,
                                        { Benja. Harrison,
                                        { Thos. Nelson, jr.
                                        { Francis Lightfoot Lee,
                                        { Carter Braxton.

        PENNSYLVANIA,    { Robt. Morris,
                                        { Benjamin Rush,
                                        { Benja. Franklin,
                                        { John Morton,
                                        { Geo. Clymer,
                                        { Jas. Smith,
                                        { Geo. Taylor,
                                        { James Wilson,
                                        { Geo. Ross.

              DELAWARE,     { Caesar Rodney,
                                       { Geo. Read.

             NEW-YORK,     { Wm. Floyd,
                                       { Phil. Livingston,
                                       { Frans. Lewis,
                                       { Lewis Morris.

          NEW-JERSEY,     { Richd. Stockton,
                                       { Jno. Witherspoon,
                                       { Fras. Hopkinson,
                                       { John Hart,
                                       { Abra. Clark.

   NEW-HAMPSHIRE,     { Josiah Bartlett,
                                       { Wm. Whipple,
                                       { Matthew Thornton.

MASSACHUSETTS-        { Saml. Adams,
             BAY,                   { John Adams,
                                        { Robt. Treat Paine,
                                        { Elbridge Gerry.

RHODE-ISLAND AND     { Step. Hopkins,
   PROVIDENCE, ETC.    { William Ellery.

      CONNECTICUT,       { Roger Sherman,
                                       { Saml. Huntington,
                                       { Wm. Williams,
                                       { Oliver Wolcott.

I tried to format the list as close to the original as I could within the confines of the blog’s limitations. There are four columns in the original document.  Did you notice the original names of the states?  The two word states were hyphenated and Massachusetts was originally Massachusetts-Bay.  I thought that was interesting.  To understand your ancestors better you need to know the history.  They made life decisions based on what was going on around them and knowing that will help you find any paper trail that they left. 

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