Saturday, August 3, 2013

E-mails part III

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There is one thing I forgot to tell you that I do.  Whenever I contact someone via email I add them to my contact list in MS Outlook.  What is nice about Outlook is that I can have folders for all different sorts of categories and I can write a detailed note so that I can remember why I saved that person’s email address.  This note is visible when I bring up the contact.  I don’t have to click around to find it.  Below are two examples showing two completely different types of entries.  I drafted fake ones so that you can see exactly what I would see.  I didn’t want to have to black out the contact information.



I have a folder system set up that makes sense to me so that I can find anyone that I have corresponded with in the past. 

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  1. I do the same, but I also assign common surnames as categories with color categories (blue for my husband's line and red for mine). So if the researcher and I both have common ancestors John Hancock & Virginia Finley, I'll assign 2 categories - Hancock & Finley. I also try to list their direct lineage in the notes, especially if they are not in my database.

    If it's a non researcher, I'll use categories like >Genealogy, <Vital Records, so that I can easily search and filter by category. A contact can be assigned multiple categories.

    I use the same category system with all my emails.

    Michele Colson

  2. All that matters is that you are using a system that makes sense to you. It is so easy to get overwhelmed with "stuff" (emails, loose papers, etc). Once you have everything organized in a system it is easier to keep it that way.