Saturday, August 17, 2013

Time for a nap



It may not sound like it but this is a very effective tool.  Sometimes when you are working really hard on a brick wall and getting nowhere you get tunnel vision and you start making mistakes.  You overlook things that are right there in front of you.  You have plenty of other things that you can work on so just set it aside.  Sometimes just leaving it overnight is enough but I will tell you that I have picked up brick walls that I have set aside for months and then magically the answer comes to me as I am reading through my stuff. 

This is where a research calendar comes in handy.  You can pick up where you left off without getting confused.  Everything you have already done as well as what you still  plan to do is right there.  You have a record of everything you found and what you didn’t find (negative results). You also have the background information you need so you know what you are looking for and why and if there are any limitations to your search.

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  1. Yes, yes, yes, I second this recommendation to take a break from a brick wall. There are more than a few reasons why this may actually be a finding aid!

  2. Sometimes it is hard to put a brick wall aside but you just have to do it. :)