Thursday, September 26, 2013

Attaching documents and photos

David and Patty ask:
”I am going to do a GEDCOM from Ancestry. All of the documentation I know will be the standard basic style as you stated on the 19th [see the comments section of the
Announcement blog post]. Do you copy and save all documents for each person or just go with the basic? I have saved many documents in my word processing file to put into the program when I get everything loaded from the GEDCOM. Do you have any advice as to what I should do? Just keep the copies as is or transcribe or scan into the program for each person and go back into Ancestry and get all others? I guess what I am asking is do we need all that much of a paper trail to go with our genealogy?”

You can’t directly transfer any of the photos or documents you have uploaded to or have linked to but you definitely want to keep these (a GEDCOM is not capable of this).  You will need to move them manually.  WHERE you save them is personal preference. Some like to keep their documents on the computer only, some like to keep paper only, and some like to keep paper but also have everything scanned to the computer. I am transitioning from all paper to all (almost all) computer. If the document is available online I won't be keeping a paper copy. If the document isn't available online (I wrote off to a courthouse to get it) or if it is a true original (Bibles, letters, original certificates) I will be keep those in binders.

As far as Legacy specifically, Legacy allows you to attach computer scans of documents and photos to each person that they refer to. For example, if I have John Doe and Jane Smith's marriage license I can attach this document to John and Jane. There are two ways to do this and again, it is personal preference. You can attach the document to the person, or to the citation, or to both. There is a picture area for each person (you can attach photos, documents, audio, video). You could attach the marriage record here. Or, when you do your marriage citation, there is a place within the citation itself to attach a copy of the marriage certificate.

These attachments are LINKS to where the document is on your hard drive but you will see a thumbnail on your Legacy screen. All you have to do is click on the thumbnail and the document or photo will come up.

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