Sunday, September 8, 2013


Just because a cemetery is listed on Find A Grave does not mean that the entire cemetery has been surveyed.  In the last couple of weeks two people have emailed me because they weren’t sure what to do.  Their ancestors were listed as being buried in a specific cemetery on their death certificates but they weren’t showing up on Find A Grave. 

Having said that, it is always possible the person is in an unmarked grave but the only way to know  is to have someone go out there and look. 

If you have reason to believe someone is buried in a specific cemetery but they aren’t listed on Find A Grave, add a memorial for them with the information you have and then request a photo.   You do have to be a member of Find A Grave to do this but registering is free.  Please take advantage of this free service and I hope you will consider helping out by surveying /photographing cemeteries in your local area.

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  1. I was recently at a remote graveyard, fulfilling a photo request for someone (through Find-a-Grave); I also took photos of nearby graves, and found that one one of them did not yet have a memorial, so I added the memorial to Find-a-Grave, then added the picture. The first memorial I've added. :)