Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Did they move?

Shelby asks:
”Is it possible someone could have moved during a census and get listed twice? The dates are approximately 2 weeks apart and the locations are about 8 miles apart. The earlier one she is listed as a daughter and the second as a boarder along with 21 other people. The birth location for the person and her parents match. It is a 1910 census and I have yet to find her on anything earlier. By the 1920 census, she is my Great grandmother.”

Yes.  I have two instances of this in my own file. The first one was an entire family so it was easy for me to prove it was the same family (same father, mother and like five children). The second one was only a husband and wife but they both had fairly unusual names and I can show that the husband was working in the oil field camps as a cook and moved around. 

In your case though, when you are working with a single name you have to be more careful. I would be checking as many different records as I can for that location and that time period to determine if there were two people with the same name or if this girl did move.  Another thing you might want to consider is did one of the parents give the daughter’s name to the census taker even though she wasn’t actually living there? 

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