Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Updating Find A Grave

I manage a lot of memorials on Find A Grave.  Most of these are full cemetery surveys that I have done on people that I don’t know at all.  Frequently someone will send me an email requesting that I update a memorial with additional information that is NOT on the marker itself.  I don’t have the time to ask these people what their sources are nor time to double check the source and write a correct source citation so what I do instead is I list the person that emailed me as the source.  I put the information in the bio section.  I do NOT update the memorial with the added information.  I make the memorial match the marker itself unless it is a person that I have researched myself and I have the proper sources.  Here is an example of what I would add in the bio section:

“Per Find A Grave contributor Jane Doe (#123456789), J. A. Doe’s full name was John Adams Doe, his full date of birth was 01 Jan 1800 and his full date of death was 31 Dec 1851.”

Now the researcher can contact the person themselves and quiz them about their sources. 

Copyright © 2013 Michele Simmons Lewis


  1. Michele,

    Great topic.

    I just transfer the memorial to the person with the information. Most of the photo's I take, or memorials I put on the Find-A-Grave website, are not "my people", so I gladly turn the memorial over to "family".


  2. Funny you should say, Russ. Just in the last two days I offered to transfer three memorials to people that sent me additional information and they said no thanks! I thought that was really odd. Here is the response that I got on the last one: "No, I'm not related, but thanks for asking anyway." That was it, no other information. This person send me place of birth, place of death and maiden name.

  3. I transfer as Russ does. It does irk me when FAG volunteers won't transfer my family to me. I have a couple of them camping on family. Won't transfer them, won't connect them, won't acknowledge me. That of course is how FAG works, sadly.

  4. Yes, that has happened to me to. It would be different if the person told me that they are also in the person's direct line but I don't get many responses either.

  5. I also maintain some Find-a-Grave sites. Thanks for this great suggestion. I will use this when the contributor doesn't want the site transferred.