Thursday, October 17, 2013

A census clue

If you have a male that appears on the 1860 census but you can’t find him on the 1870, especially if you find his wife and children without him, you might want to check the Civil War records.

I am working on Aaron Reese, born about 1821.  He is in Pickens County, South Carolina for the 1850 census with his wife and children.  In 1860 the family had moved to Henderson County, North Carolina.  In 1870 the wife and children had migrated to Lincoln County, Georgia without Aaron. 

I found him on Fold3.  Aaron Reese enlisted on 15 July 1862 in Hendersonville, Henderson County, North Carolina.  Aaron served in Companies D and E of the 7th North Carolina Cavalry and Company C of the 6th North Carolina Cavalry.    He was captured and taken prisoner at New Hope, North Carolina on 17 March 1865 and then was transferred to Point Lookout, Saint Mary’s County, Maryland where he died on 08 June 1865, cause unknown. There is a record of his burial in his service record which states he was buried in the “Prisoner of War Grave Yard” grave number 2069.  Aaron was listed as a blacksmith in his compiled service records.  On the census records he was listed as a farmer so this was new information.

There is some very interesting information about the Point Lookout Prisoner of War Camp and its cemetery on Find A Grave.  You can read it about it HERE.  I am trying to find a copy of the referenced book.

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  1. Michele,
    All those individual graves were dug up and all the POW's were buried in a Mass Grave.
    Your might want to take a look here:

    Aaron Reese is also listed here on thier Webpage

    Also you might want to read my blog podting on the camp.


    1. Thanks so much for this information, Charlie. This is the first one of my Confederates that has been confirmed to have been taken here so I am just now learning about it. Horrific pretty much sums it up.