Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Newspapers and more newspapers part II

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I wanted to give you a list of the newspaper resources that I use.  I will list the free sites first and then the subscription sites.





Chronicling America
This collection is through the Library of Congress.  It is a bit limited on the number of newspapers it has (only 34 states and the District of Columbia are represented)  as well as the dates it covers (1836 – 1922) but it is free so you can’t complain.  One really nice thing is their US Newspaper Directory, 1690 – Present.  Here you can find any newspaper ever published and it will show you what repositories have it.

Google Newspapers
There are some great papers here that I haven’t been able to find anywhere else.  The only problem with this site is that the newspapers are listed in alphabetical order and not by geographic location so it makes it a little harder to find what you are looking for.

Wikipedia List of Online Newspaper Archives
This is a good site to see what newspapers are available online.  They cover the entire world, not just the US.  It looks like it is kept up-to-date because the last edit was made today.


With any of the subscription sites, take a look at the list of papers they carry to see which ones would work best for you.  Pay attention to the date range for each paper. They may only have a very narrow date range for the paper you are interested in.  If you do have a subscription to one of these, it is very important to watch for any updates they make.  You might have done a search that was negative but then they added some papers or dates that might change those search results.  Watching for updates on the free sites is important too but they do not update near as often as the paid sites do.

I use Legacy’s To-Do list for this.  Whenever I am going to do a search I make a to-do with all of the details.  I do a separate to-do for each repository I search (each newspaper archive site).  I also include the search parameters I used so I know exactly how I searched for the information.  I might get some new information in that will change the parameters and I will need to do a new search.  I can then record the results of the search, positive or negative.  If the results are negative, I can see when the last time I did a search was and then I can decide if I need to go back and check it again if the archives have been updated.  

This one is my favorite and I access it almost every day.  They are constantly updating, adding new papers and new dates.  Their search engine is easy to use.

I don’t use this one as much as I do GenealogyBank but they have some newspapers I need that GenealogyBank doesn’t have.  Their search engine is a bit cumbersome.

Ancestry.com Newspapers
I wouldn’t get an Ancestry.com subscription just for this but if you already have a subscription you will find this collection helpful.

Stars and Stripes
I don’t have a subscription to this one but if you have a lot of military personnel in your file this one might be worthwhile.  Their archives covers 1948-1999.  They are in the process of digitizing 1942-1948.

I don’t have a subscription to this one either.  I will say that they have a 7 day free trial period so it might be worth checking out.

There are probably more companies out there but these are the biggest.

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  1. I just started using newspapers.com since there was a special through ancestry ($39.95 for a year). Let me tell you, finding my 3rd great grandfather's death notice from 1890 was worth the price of admission for me! I was never 100% certain of the death date (or year, for that matter) and there it was in print. Yesterday I found the exact words the Rabbi spoke at the funeral of my 2nd great grandfather (other side) from 1893 - in the newspaper!