Tuesday, October 29, 2013

What is it with my family?

Do remember the post Just How Many Murders Can One Family Have?  Yup, I found another one.

Bonny Aldrich Kills R. Grantham Over Disputed Debt, Five Dollars
   R. Grantham was killed by Bonny Aldrich near Bush last Sunday.  Aldrich was arrested by Deputy Lacroix and is now confined in the parish jail at Covington.  When arrested he had a double barreled shotgun and was prepared to defend himself, as he feared violence at the hands of others.  The sentiment seemed to be pretty strong against him.  The finding of the Coroner's jury is given below with the statement of Coroner Heintz as to the evidence, as follows:
     Bonny Aldrich and John Jenkins were walking down the road from Bonny Aldrich's house to Jenkins' house, when along came J. Bush and Rougier Grantham in a buggy.  They saluted one another.  Grantham stopped his buggy and asked the other party where he was going.  Grantham said: "By the way, Bonny, how about that five dollars you owe me"  Bonny replied, "I have already paid it to you, Rougier."  Grantham said, "You are a liar."  Bonny replied, "You are another."  Grantham then said, "You are a lying s...... b......, " and started out of the buggy with his hand in his hip pocket.  Aldrich picked up a stick five feet long and four inches thick and backed away from the buggy about forty feet,  Grantham still advancing.  He told Grantham, "I'll kill your soul if you continue to advance on me."  Grantham again advanced and Aldrich struck him in the head with the stick.  He fell unconscious and remained so for twenty minutes.  Aldrich remained with the others.  When Grantham came to, he got up and started toward Aldrich with his knife.  Bush took the knife away from him.  They then placed him in the buggy and he left in a half dazed condition, and it is understood that he fell out of the buggy skinning the whole right side of his face.  He was eventually taken to the home of A. Crawford, near Bush.  Dr. Young, of Bush, was called in to see him Monday morning and treated him.  Dr. Heintz was called in between 3:30 and 4:00 p.m. Monday and diagnosed the case as a fracture of the skull.  Having little hope for his recovery arrangements were made to convey him to New Orleans Tuesday morning, where an operation might have helped him.  He died Monday night about 8:45. Coroner Heintz impanelled a jury and held an inquest Tuesday morning.  A post mortem was held and the skull was found to be fractured in two places.  A clot of blood about the size of an egg was found just over the left eye.  Jury brought in verdict that Grantham came to his death from a blow on the head inflicted by one Bonny Aldrich.

Rougier Grantham was my second cousin, twice removed.  I was actually working on Rougier to help solve another mystery when I came across this.  Do you remember when I said it might be a good idea to get Coroner’s reports and inquests in the the More Fun Things post?  You can bet that I have already ordered this inquest from microfilm.   By the way, Rusaw Grantham (from the first post) and Rougier Grantham (this post) were half first cousins in case you noticed that they had the same surname.

1  "Bonny Aldrich kills R. Grantham over disputed debt, five dollars," The St. Tammany Farmer, 15 January 1916, p. 1, col. 2-3; digital images, Library of Congress (http://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov : accessed 28 October 2013). 


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  1. What an interesting family you have! It seems all mine were farmers who led pretty uneventful lives. What made you investigate this second cousin, twice removed so closely? I tend to stay on course with direct ancestors and move out to their siblings only when I need to find more information.

  2. It is part of a bigger investigation. There is a bit of a controversy about who Rougier and his brother Armand's parents were. At least 28 people have it dead wrong on their family trees on Ancestry.com. I have already proven who their mother was with no problem at all. Here you can see a previous post about this http://ancestoring.blogspot.com/2013/08/do-your-own-research.html Rouja is Rougier. I am working on the father now. Their mother was unmarried when these two were born (multiple pieces of evidence to support that). I have one minor little clue that might lead me to a possible father but I am not holding my breath :)