Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Where oh where

Ann asks:
”I was wondering where is a good place to enter in Legacy, the name of the city/town newspaper that I may want for future reference (more exploring).  Comments section? Perhaps that is the only place it can be entered.”

[Though this question is Legacy specific, the general principles work for any software program]

You have some options:

1.  If this is in reference to a specific ancestor, you can put the information in his/her research notes.*

2.  If you want to search this paper soon, you can add a To-Do List item.  Add a To-Do for each person you plan to search the paper for.

3.  If you keep a “research binder” either a physical binder or a virtual one, you could add a blurb about this newspaper including the name of paper, years of publication, is it still in publication, if so, address, phone number, email of the main office, do they take requests to search their archives, is the paper online somewhere, it is on microfilm, if so where. If you do this then the next time you are working on an ancestor in that same location you will have all of the info you need about the paper. You won’t have to do all of that work again.  I have a virtual research binder that is divided by state and then further divided by county.  I would put this on a county page.

*Here is how I use the notes sections in Legacy.  You don’t have to use them this way, this is just what I do.

General Notes are for biographical information. I like to write a paragraph (or a lot of paragraphs) about the general life story of the ancestor. I try and do this for my direct line ancestors at the very least.

Research Notes are for what is going on in my search. I record my theories, my thoughts, my negative findings etc.

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