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Burials are important to me.  I feel like a person’s life is not complete until I know where they were buried.  Of course you will never been able to figure out where everyone is buried but I always do try. 

James Emory Grantham died on 24 February 1918 in Bogalusa, Louisiana.  He was only nine years old when he died of tubercular meningitis.  His death certificate states he was buried in Talisheek which is in St. Tammany Parish but it doesn’t say in which cemetery.  Almost all of his relatives are buried in the Grantham cemetery which is in the Bush community, also in St. Tammany Parish, about 7 miles away.  Already I wonder, why Talisheek?  

So I start digging around the family trees on Ancestry.com and I find that someone has James’ maternal grandmother buried in the “Penton Cemetery” in St. Tammany.  Penton is James’ mother’s maiden name so now we are getting somewhere.  Some of James’ Penton aunts and uncles are also listed as being buried in the Penton Cemetery.  There is no listing for a Penton Cemetery on Find A Grave so I go to Google Maps.  What do I find? a Penton Cemetery Road in, you guessed it, Talisheek.  I don’t see Penton Cemetery on the USGenWeb Archives (a place you will find older surveys) and it isn’t listed on the Geographic Names Information System (GNIS) site either.  I run some of the known names through Find A Grave in case Penton Cemetery has another name.  Nothing there.   This is a very good lead so I keep going.

I added Penton Cemetery to Find A Grave.  I included directions per Google Maps.  I added James Emory Grantham and then added a photo request.  In the photo request I explained that there are supposed to be several Pentons buried here and I am not sure that my James is actually there. I asked for photos of anyone buried there and that I would be more than happy to add the memorials.   I happen to correspond with some of the Find A Grave photographers in St. Tammany Parish on a regular basis.  Sure enough, someone I know picked up the photo request.  I have already sent him an email giving him all the info that I have.

For me to add a cemetery to Find A Grave I have to be pretty certain that the cemetery actually exists and in this case I am.   I can’t want to see what he finds!

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