Thursday, November 7, 2013


A big thanks to Diana for introducing me to  It all started when I posted on the Technology for Genealogy Facebook Page that Gmail ate some of the emails in my Outlook inbox.  Lucky for me the important ones were flagged so I was able to find them on the main Gmail page.  I get 75-100 emails a day so looking through the “All Mail” folder on Gmail really wasn’t appealing considering some of these emails went back a couple of weeks.  I mentioned that from now on I was going to send the flagged emails to Evernote where they would be safe.  Diana then said, “Did you know you can set things up so when you "star" a message it will be automatically sent to Evernote?”  Say what?

IFTTT is a website where you create “recipes” to link different web services.  PCWorld gave IFITTT 4 stars and PCMag gave it 5 stars and that was good enough for me.  The first recipe I created was one that will automatically send any email I flag in Outlook to Evernote.  I also have everything I pin on Pinterest going to Evernote.  You can browse recipes that were created by other people to give you some ideas.  I saw one that l like where the Times bestseller list gets sent to Evernote.  By the way, I have only mentioned Evernote but you can move things around using 72 different web services, it doesn’t have to be Evernote.   A new toy!

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