Sunday, November 3, 2013

More nurse photos

I dressed up for Halloween as a nurse…  a REAL nurse!  I was working in the ER on Halloween so I was a bit limited on what I could do so nurse it was.  I am old enough that I had to wear a white dress and my nursing cap back when I first started out.  I actually liked wearing my cap because every school had its own.  It was a pride thing.  My costume was pretty good other than I couldn’t wear a white dress because of the dress code (can you imagine a nurse not being allowed to wear white!)

Halloween 2Copyright © 2013 Beth Malone, used with permission

Here is my skinny self (about 25 pounds lighter) in 1982 when I graduated.

NursePhotograph courtesy of the Michele Simmons Lewis Collection

I also wanted to honor my three 2nd great aunts, Mary, Ida and Dona Perry (sisters) that were nurses before me.  Here are two photos of Ida and Dona.  I don’t have one of Mary, unfortunately.  Mary and Ida both died of TB which is sad.  It is likely they contracted it while working.

PerryIdaLeora03Photograph courtesy of the Michele Simmons Lewis Collection


Copy, original in the Mary Taylor Guy Collection

Copyright © 2013 Michele Simmons Lewis


  1. I so enjoyed this post and those photos of your two great Aunts are such a treasure. They look so much alike they could be twins... thanks for sharing... Catherine.

  2. I have done quite a bit of research into Ida's life because for a long time we didn't know what had happened to her. You can read more about her here

  3. Great post! Always enjoy your blog. How funny were the nurses hats back then. They had to def pin them on. Can't see the use of the hats which is probably why they are gone. Yours will become a great family heirloom. Any chance the family saved one of theirs? BTW, I have a great respect for nurses. Takes a special kind of person and I know I would be terrible at this job. Obviously you received something very special from your gene pool.

  4. I don't have their caps (no one does) but I do have their original diplomas :)