Friday, November 8, 2013

Sometimes it is just bad news

Remember the post,  What is it with my family? Bonny Aldrich hit Rougier Grantham in the head with a large piece of wood and Rougier later died.  The newspaper account said that a coroner’s inquest was held so I said I would be writing to the St. Tammany Parish Clerk to get a copy of the records.  The very sweet St. Tammany clerk called me this morning.  She said that she couldn’t find the inquest and that was surprising to her.  She said that Dr. Heintz was a prominent coroner and kept meticulous records.  They have copies of everything and everything is indexed.  Unfortunately, this inquest is missing.  She said it is possible that the coroner kept it at his house and forgot to have it officially recorded at the courthouse.  She said it was also odd that she couldn’t find Bonny’s arrest record or any information about a subsequent trail.  I can’t explain the lack of an arrest record but after reading the account in the newspaper it was really close to a self-defense so I wonder if the charges ended up being dropped.  I couldn’t find a newspaper article about Bonny’s trial so that support that theory. 

I am disappointed but I enjoyed talking with the St. Tammany clerk.  She did a lot of extra digging just to try and help me out.  She gave me information about what all they have available (a lot) and we talked about the Grantham family for awhile since she was acquainted with them.  So, it wasn’t a total loss.

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