Sunday, November 17, 2013

Speaking of genealogy programs

Here are some tips to keep your genealogy program/database file in good working order.  Nothing is worse than a corrupted file.  Well, there is one thing worse, a corrupted file AND no backup file to fall back on.

  • No matter which program you use, back up often! I work in my file every day so I back up every day at the very least.  If I am adding a lot of information then I will be backing up several times in one day.  I keep 10 backups on SkyDrive.  Anything earlier than that I delete.  My entire computer is backed up by Carbonite as well.
  • Don’t leave your genealogy file open when you are not working on it, especially overnight.  This is a great way to mess up your file.  When Windows decides to update in the middle of the night and reboots it could corrupt your file.
  • Use a quality surge protector with battery backup on your computer (not the $5.99 one at Wal-Mart).
  • Keep your computer in tip top shape by installing the recommended updates and doing routine ScanDisks and Defrags.
  • Install updates/bug fixes for your genealogy program when they are released.
  • If your genealogy program has built in “File Maintenance” features, use them on a regular basis to keep your data file compacted and free of errors.
  • Did I mention that you should back up often?

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