Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Switching gears

I am switching genealogical gears big time.  One-half of my tree is German.  I was born in Germany as was my mother and all of her ancestors.  I have done some research on this side but it is hard since I live in the United States. I have been able to get records from microfilm and my mother picked a few up for me the last time she was in Germany.  I am lucky in that I do speak German and I can read the old German script so once I have my hands on the records I do just fine.  If I need any help at all I have my mother and my friend Christina. 

I haven’t worked on my German lines in some time but now I am immersing myself in my German side for a couple of reasons.  One, the Köln Archives have put some of their births, marriages and deaths online.  They are not indexed or searchable but that is okay.  Just having them available in any format is a great thing.  Two, my friend Christina in Germany sent me seventeen documents that she found while doing research on her family that pertain to my family.  My family is Glaentzer (no umlaut) and her family is Gläntzer (with an umlaut).  Either way you spell it, it is a very uncommon name in Germany and we know that our families must be connected. 

Y’all know that I am in the middle of scanning and reanalyzing all my documents.  This little genealogical side trip to Germany comes at the perfect time because I will go ahead and do all of my German documents now.  Once I have all of the documents in my possession under control I can start searching through the records at the Köln Archives for more. 

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  1. I have been so thankful that there are starting to be more & more German records online. My mom's ancestry is mostly German (with the other 1/4 being German-Bohemian) & thankfully there's a website that has started posting church books that one branch of mine is from. Which is also outside of Köln, in Butzheim/Nettesheim. It's so nice to be able to sit at home at look through the books on my own computer! I'll have to check out the site you posted as some of mine are closer to Köln. But if you haven't seen this site already, <a href=">GenWiki</a> is awesome! Thankfully I took German in college & have a fairly easy time with the records too.