Thursday, December 5, 2013

And off I go!


Two of the kids and I are off to Florida on Sunday and won’t be back until December 16th.  I probably won’t post on the Blog again until the 18th.  For you would-be burglars out there, several people are remaining behind so my house will not even be close to empty.  I need some time to get the house in order and do some needed errands so I am signing off the blog a couple of days early.

We are going to Disney for four days and then scooting over to my mother’s house for a few more days.  I will also be spending time with my oldest daughter, her husband and my grandson who also live in Florida which makes me very happy.   I am NOT planning to be like the guy in the photo so if you email me don’t expect an answer anytime soon unless it is truly urgent. 

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