Monday, December 2, 2013

Don’t forget your recent relatives

Blog reader Barbara Garza wrote in asking for some advice about how to extract/record information from a New York firefighters service record and from a New York policeman’s service record.  She sent the records for me to look at and they were just priceless!  The policeman’s record included a photo of him in his uniform.  Barbara then made a profound statement:

“The Gancis are a family of heroes, fireman and military, even my generation. I put them right in there with the nurses and paramedics as far as taking care of people. Since I knew him well and he died recently (9/11) I did not think about researching him this way but his sister works with me and mentioned getting this file for him, also. So stuck on the long deceased I forget about the recent ones. 

We get so caught up with trying to get as far back in time as we can that we forget to document the lives of our more recent ancestors.  I am talking about deceased people here, not living ones. Privacy issues and all that.


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